Maxwell Ayamba gets award

Friday 05th April 2019

Maxwell who was born in Ghana but has lived in Sheffield for over 20 years runs the Sheffield Environmental Movement, which works to facilitate black, asian, minority ethnic and refugee communities in Sheffield to access the natural environment to help promote their health and wellbeing.

The aim of the charity is to empower people to become more informed to independently access and participate in the natural environment for recreation / leisure - but also to contribute to environmental heritage and citizenship.

The group works to reconnect those who have been disconnected or severed from the natural environment due to the history of migration, urbanisation or socio-economic reasons.

Maxwell has worked to help these communicates understand the natural world and use that knowledge to change their lives – and the city - for the better.

Maxwell comments: "I am delighted to have won this award for the Sheffield Environmental Movement. We started as the 100 Black Men Walk for Health Group and have grown in numbers and recognition.

“We have become a movement which not only enables many people to gain access to the outdoors but is also ready to campaign for the wild places we need for our refreshment and relaxation.”

Congratulations Maxwell on your award.

Maxwell Ayamba has been awarded the Moor Pride in Sheffield award for his work to education children on environmental issues.

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