Julie Gray - Community Champion!

Wednesday 03rd April 2019

A true community champion, the 58-year-old from Totley was nominated for her regular litter picks in her local neighbourhoods, dutifully patrolling Dore, Totley, Beauchief and Bradway and her ongoing mission to help rid Sheffield’s streets of litter.

Councillor Colin Ross who put her name forward for the award commented, "She does a fantastic job. I often see her on the streets and going to some of the more rural grot spots. A real community champion who just does it because she wants to see her area clean and tidy."

Former nursey teaching assistant Julie, and her husband Richard, an IT consultant, decided over a decade ago to stop complained about the litter blighting their community and take action.

“I’m a woman obsessed,” Julie cheerfully admits. She continues: “I’m a lover of all things environmental. I can’t believe the impact we’re having on the ocean, and all the business with single-use plastics. Litter is a problem everywhere, and everybody drops litter, all ages and groups.”

Plastic bottles, cans and sweet wrappers are her most common finds. “People lob things out of car windows or chuck bottles. I just can’t stand it,” Julie continues.

Julie is part of a wider group of volunteers called Sheffield Litter Pickers. “They deserve recognition for all their work,” Julie says. “They keep me motivated and inspired. I adore Sheffield and love the Peak District. It would be lovely if more people stopped dropping litter, it would be amazing.”

Congratulations – and thank you, Julie.  

Julie Gay was named as the fifth winner of The Moor Pride in Sheffield Community Champion Awards.

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