Hardwork pays off for staff at Sheffield’s longest serving department store

Wednesday 18th December 2019

Atkinsons’ staff were given an unexpected Christmas present following the store’s success at the city’s inaugural retail awards recently.

Sheffield’s longest serving independent department store beat off the likes of John Lewis and Primark to be crowned ‘best large retailer of the year’ just a few weeks ago.

Atkinsons’ management awarded every member of their team with an extra day’s holiday in 2020 to thank them for their loyalty and hard work, a major factor in the store’s recent success.

Atkinsons of Sheffield – which first opened in 1872 and was completely flattened in the blitz of 1940 – has been undergoing a much publicised renaissance in recent times as it utilises a multitude of marketing channels to engage with traditional and new audiences.

Nicholas Atkinson said: “We wanted to say thank you to the staff for their hard work and commitment to the store. We’d have never enjoyed the success without their help.

“Winning the award was a true honour and a vindication of our efforts in recent times and an additional day’s holiday seemed a good way to say thank you.”

Atkinsons store has survived two world wars, numerous recessions and is now the city centre’s only independent department store. 

Atkinsons is currently celebrating its 147th birthday.