Community Champions

Friday 05th April 2019

Rob Riley opened Riley’s Boxing and Fitness Centre with his son Richard and police office Gary Longmore, and in doing so, united a community.

Buying weights for the gym from the former owners, the team went on to transform the site on Upwell Street in Grimesthorpe, which has welcomed many members from many different nationalities since the opening in June last year. 

Robert comments; “It’s getting busier all the time. We have Slovakians, Polish, Latvians, British – it's unbelievable the mix of people we have and how the community has welcomed us.

“But it's like anything else they need to trust us before word spreads but it's going really well.”

The gym which is proudly open to all has worked to unite communities across the city and in doing so reduce crime, thanks to the vision and work of Rob and his team. Congratulations Rob!

Community champion Rob Riley! 

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