Bricktropolis comes to The Moor 4-17 August

Friday 03rd August 2018

Sheffield Business Improvement District (BID) has brought Bricktropolis to Sheffield city centre from 4 – 17 August. LEGO fans have been exploring the city on the Sheffield Bricktropolis trail, a stunning spectacle featuring 20 world landmark models & 5 of these are on The Moor!


Atkinsons has Burj Al Arab, Cran Torre Santiago & the Sky Tower, & Light Cinema has the CN Tower & Willis Tower. These structures have already been causing a stir & attracting hundreds of new visitors as families use the Bricktropolis trail map & app to navigate their way from world landmark to the next including a commissioned one of Sheffield City Hall at Ponds Forge.

The models are all part of a Brick Architecture display specifically designed by Duncan Titmarsh of Bright Bricks, the only accredited LEGO-builder in the UK.

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