Bobbie Walker!

Friday 05th April 2019

Bobbie, along with her colleagues in the Sheffield Street Pastors team, gives up her spare time to look after those who might need it following a night out in the city.

Bobbie and the team work tirelessly, particularly over busy social periods, including Christmas, when people may find themselves alone or in a difficult situation.

Bobbie comments: “We like being out there to help others and we’re aware that there are so many young people who find themselves in difficult situation and they are not always from Sheffield.

“They end up getting left behind and nobody should be in need in our city on an evening. It can be very moving when there is someone who is out of it because, to be fair to the police, they haven’t got time to look after everyone and the answer isn’t just about putting them in the cell.”

Fabulous work Bobbie, working to support our city, and those who visit us when they need it the most.

The final Moor Pride in Sheffield Community Champion award has been given to street pastor Bobbie Walker.

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