Moor stories

Street Life Festival on The Moor a success - attracting family audiences

Monday 12th September 2016

Once again The Moor hosted top acts from the Edinburgh Fringe for a weekend of performance acts on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September. Acts include acrobatics, knife juggling, an escapologist and Cling Film Guy, all performed at the top of The Moor in front of the familiar Yellow Bus! Tunes were provided by talented buskers and Sheffield’s Young Music. Sandra Barley, centre liaison manager for The Moor, said: “It was brilliant and the weather was kind to us. Our events attract such a wide range of family audiences – it was great to see their faces as they watched some of the more daring stunts!” Scott Barton from Yellow Bus events; "We organise street theatre events all around the country and the acts always say that Sheffield audiences are some of the best they get. We had great crowds this weekend and lots of smiling faces. We love doing events of The Moor and it is great to see it being transformed into a wonderful place to both shop and have some fun!"