Moor stories

SheFest festival

Sunday 12th March 2017

The Moor helped celebrate female talent as part of a city-wide festival at the weekend.

Women&Moor, part of SHEFest, saw bands, singers and dancers take to the public space on The Moor. 

Sheffield University Samba Band were in attendance and there were also live performances from HYPE Dance, Janka Kormos and Xania, a female rapper who fuses hip-hop, electro & tap dancing. 

Meanwhile shoppers could relax in deckchairs or learn skills like juggling. Aim to Dance also shook up proceedings with a lively Bollywood performance. 

Theatre Delicatessen hosted a range of workshops and sessions throughout the day.

Sandra Barley, centre liaison manager for The Moor, said: “SHEFest was a brilliantly well thought through event and we were delighted to play such big part of it on The Moor.

“It was fantastic seeing shoppers stop and join in with the entertainment.”